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New and used cars - Buy or sell vehicles online at Motors.com.mm

Motors.com.mm - No.1 website in Myanmar for buying and selling vehicles online

Buying, selling or owning a car in the Myanmar market can be complicated, as cars and motorcycles today are subject to import, ownership and sale taxes, and furthermore, the whole process is also changing at the speed of the country's modernization. Therefore, the car dealers must also conform with the general trend of the times. Along with the internet revolution in the recent years, customers in Myanmar have taken great interest in buying and selling things online, which is, in turn, shaping the country's e-commerce culture. Buying a motorized vehicle is somehow considered too complicated a process to take online. However, with strong infrastructures, abundant quality listings, and superior customer service, Motors.com.mm is now paving the way to a prolific online car market in Myanmar.

Best way to use the Motors.com.mm site

Motors.com.mm website is designed with the idea to help every user easily access, list vehicles to sell, or browse through an extensive offerings of available vehicles and choose the one best suited to each user's needs. If you want to sell your car, you can register a free account and advertise vehicles easily. For those looking to purchase a vehicle, separate filters will help with the search for cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles based on user's specifications, such as preferred brand and model, manufactured year, condition of the vehicle, mileage, and most importantly, price. The tools used to filter on the left bar allows users a myriad of choices as to rank the listings based on the state of the vehicle (new or used), price, brand, year of manufacture and km driven as well as locations of the sellers.

Car Dealers in Myanmar

Currently, we are connected to over 220 car showrooms in Yangon and are partners with 95% of car dealers in the city, to provide users of Motors.com.mm with all the details they need to know on their future vehicle.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Carmudi governs the operations of Motors Myanmar, as part of the Rocket Internet ventures.

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