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New and Used Car for sale in Myanmar Market

Toyota Landcruiser for sale in Myanmar | Toyota Landcruiser car price in Yangon| Used Toyota Belta car price in Myanmar

Buying a Car: Myanmar Motor Market Review

This can be a very different experience in Yangon, from buying a car in Mandalay, or Naypyitaw. Heavy taxes on auto ownership, varying gas prices, and the freedom to use motorcycles in the upper regions of Myamar have led to the significant differences in the car market landscape throughout the country. For example, a conventional car that would cost only around 30L Kyats in the Shan state, can be expected to go for prices upwards of 300L Kyats in Yangon, where taxes are higher, gas prices are cheaper and the use of motorcycles is banned (meaning the demand for cars are higher, since there is no alternative). 

Cars in Myanmar Used Motor Market: Performance and Engine Specifications

Throughout the years, new car showrooms and official brand dealers have been established in Yangon and Mandalay. As most of the models available in Myanmar are imports from the Japanese auction markets, Japanese cars understandably play a big role in the local market. In general, cars on the Myanmar streets have the following specificiations:

  • 4 Cylinder, V4, V6 and V8, 16-valve engine
  • Availability in both Diesel and Petrol versions
  • 5+1 speed manual or 4 speed automatic
  • Sedan, mid-size SUV body styles are common in Myanmar




Popular Car Brands and Models in Myanmar Motor Market

In terms of popularity, no other brands could compete with Toyota in Myanmar. Toyota vans and sedans, especially, are extremely popular, although they are seeing some competition from the iconic models of Honda and Nissan. Toyota Corolla, Belta, Kluger, as well as Honda Fit, Nissan AD van are among the favorite choices and these models reliably continue to fill the streets of Myanmar. In the mountainous areas, such as the Shan state, a sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are highly sought-after. Jeep brand cars are also chosen by families and car enthusiasts. Due to the terrain type, off-road vehicles are essential in such regions. 4WD in Myanmar are usually good options to consider. The most popular model among the rich, well-off families in the Myanmar market is the Toyota Land Cruiser, which can cost up to 500L Kyats. 


Car Features in Myanmar Used Motor Market

Within the Myanmar car market, the most desired feature for a car is its comfort and spacious interior. Luxurious sedans and SUVs are highly sought-after. Add a very generous storage space in the trunk to this and you get the car that Myanmar customers naturally love.


Car Accessories in Myanmar market

After-market parts and accessories are easily available at car showrooms in Yangon or Mandalay and can be imported directly from Japan. Cars available in Myanmar already come with the following various after-market gadgets pre-installed in them:




Car Entertainment Features in Yangon Car Market

As with the luxury accessories mentioned above, cars in Myanmar also comes with a range of entertainment systems, such as the following:

  • LCD TV display
  • Radio and casette Players
  • Surround-sound Stereo Systems
  • DVD players



Car Safety Features in Myanmar Used Car Market

These days, vehicles are truly ahead of the game in terms of its safety features with the following state-of-the-art technologies:

  • automatic windshield wipers
  • advanced brake control with ABS system
  • automatic anti-glare rearview mirror
  • multi-operation touch pan



Car Best Offers in Myanmar




Price in Myanmar Car Market

The price of cars in Myanmar car market can range from the cheapest at 20L Kyats for Wish 2003 to the most expensive at 2000L Kyats for Land Cruiser 2014.


Price in top Myanmar cities

The price of can vary significantly, depending on whether one is looking to buy in Yangon or in the upper regions such as Mandalay or the Shan cities, like Taunggyi. Below is a brief summary of the prices of the latest models:




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Buying a car online in Myanmar

With the internet revolution in the recent years, customers in Myanmar have taken great interest in buying and selling things online, which is shaping the country's e-commerce culture. Buying a motorized vehicle is somehow considered too complicated a process to take online. However, with strong infrastructures, abundant quality listings, and superior customer service, is paving the way to a prolific online car market in Myanmar. 

Below you can find the most popular models based on the current listing on

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