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Pearl white Hyundai Porter II 2006 for sale. The comfort features include A/C: Front. The safety features include Airbag: Driver,Airbag: Passenger. The windows are Power Windows.The sound system...


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Hyundai supplies only the best quality vehicles and this car is yet another example from their impressive fleet. This Hyundai Porter II 2005 comes with a Automatic transmission system as well a...

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Hyundai for sale

Hyundai for sale in Myanmar 

Like its sister company Kia, Hyundai is the Seoul-based, Korean vehicle manufacturer that provides affordable cars with impressive power and low running costs. Hyundai’s low-cost offerings have also been able to carve out a market segment for affordable diesel utility vehicles, like vans and small trucks. Originally found in 1947, Hyundai started making automobiles only in 1967. Known globally as the fifth largest automaker (behind Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen, and Nissan), Hyundai was also Korea’s first-ever car producer. While it faced many setbacks during its initial years, Hyundai has strived very hard to reach to its current position.

Reasons to buy Hyundai cars in Myanmar 

Hyundai has settled into a nice niche in the Myanmar motors market, by positioning itself as a manufacturer that delivers a broad range of vehicles at affordable prices. New Hyundai cars are available in Myanmar either through imports from the brokers overseas or from the official showrooms and service centers in Yangon. Used Hyundai cars range in prices from 100L Kyats, for commercial trucks to 600L Kyats for luxury sedan models such as the Azera 2014.

Outstanding performance & technology of Hyundai 

In 1968, Hyundai partnered with Ford to share assembly technology. In 1974, Hyundai together with Ford produced the Pony, a compact car, which is exported to various markets overseas. But the following decades saw Hyundai struggling to perfect its assembly technology. It was only in 2001 that the brand began making its name with the hit Hyundai Elantra whose quality, reliability and overall performance honored Hyundai's improved automotive design and assembling processes.

Nowadays, Hyundai offers tremendous value for money. The Korean carmaker has come a long way from being seen as a “cheaper” option, and is now a competitive player in the market. Residual values are strong, and spares, along with qualified mechanics, are widely available.

Popular Hyundai car models in Myanmar 

Hyundai Porter

Also known as H-100, the Porter is a pick-up truck first launched in 1977. The models available in Myanmar these days are the fourth generation vehicles, produced since 2004. Closely following the steps of its rivals, such as the Mazda Bongo and the Kia Bongo III, Hyundai Porter is a 2400 cc, inline-4, diesel engine that can deliver up to 126 hp at 3250 RPM with a maximum torque of 250 Nm.

Hyundai Starex

The Starex has established itself in Myanmar as a popular favorite of taxicabs and large families alike. This fuel-efficient van can accommodate up to 12 people. With the CRDi engine being a 2500 cc, in-line 4-cylinder with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) delivering 167 hp at 2500 RPM with a torque of 392 Nm. Some models available in Myanmar also come with a DVD player, 7-inch LCD panel and a fully-equipped body kit. When driven on highways, this 5-Speed auto-transmission vehicle shows an average fuel consumption of 8.5 to 10 kilometers per liter (km/L).

Hyundai County

The County is a mini-bus, used mainly as the tourist and city buses in Myanmar to replace the older Japanese buses imported during the World War II. The County was manufactured between the years of 1998 and 2004, and compared to the old Japanese models still running on the roads of Yangon city, Hyundai County provides a much more reliable and fuel-efficient alternative.

Also widely-known in Myanmar are Hyundai Porter-II, Hyundai GRX-Starex, and Hyundai Grace.

Availability of Hyundai in Myanmar

The Hyundai brand has enormous goodwill in Myanmar due to its relatively lower-priced, but reliable models, especially in the van and SUV categories. With exceptional fuel economy, and excellent reliability, Hyundai is fast becoming the next favorite among Myanmar motor customers.

Overall Impression 

Chung Ju Yung founded the Hyundai Civil Engineering Company (HCCC) in 1947. Despite being bombed during the Korean War, HCCC managed to become one of South Korea’s leading construction enterprises in the 1950s.