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This Blue Kia Bongo III GOOD 2004 အရစ္ကၽစနစ္ျဖင့္လည္း၀ယ္ယူရရွိနိုင္ပါသည္။ is exceptional value at just 100 Lks. The car has a Manual transmission system and has traveled 50000km to get to you. Yo...

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New and Used Kia for sale in Myanmar Car Market

Kia for sale in Myanmar Car Market

With its corporate headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Kia Motors Co. is a multinational vehicle manufacturer established since 1944. Kia started out as a bicycle manufacturing company and gradually expanded into the automotive business, only coming out with its first automated assembly line production in 1973. Since 2005 Kia has started targeting the European markets more, although in the 80's and 90's, its main focus was the American car market. With its resounding slogan “The Power to Surprise”, Kia has increased its consumer confidence since its inclusion in the Hyundai group, with the quality of its products being refined with automation advancements. Kia saloons, vans, SUVs, as well as crossovers, subcompacts, hatchbacks, hybrids, and even coupes and luxury models are ubiquitous in the Myanmar motor market. 

Kia Review in Myanmar Motor Market

In today's Myanmar car market, the Kia brand is well-known for its affordable vehicles, usually priced below competing models in the market, such as Lexus and Toyota. Kia is ideal for someone looking to to have a reliable car with a trusted name and also a guranteed good resale value. As far as quality, reliability and affordability goes, Kia comes out ahead of the other brands in the Myanmar local motor market. For these reasons, Kia is one of the brands with the highest number of listings on, followed closely by Mitsubishi and Nissan.

Kia in Myanmar Used Car Market: Performance and Engine Specifications

The people of Myanmar have been loving Kia since 2012. The locals would rather buy a brand-new Kia than a used Honda, due to the availability of official Kia showrooms and service centers in the heart of the Yangon, located at the Shwe-Gone-Taing junction in Bahan township. In Myanmar, the imported Kia cars are very specific models, as people have exacting favorite variety, types and model, as Myanmar locals are only interested to buy Saloons and SUVs.

Kia's Popular Models Myanmar Motor Market

Kia Bongo 3:

The Kia Bongo-3 is a pick-up truck and van, similar to the Mazda Bongo, popular in Myanmar. In late '80s, RWD, 4-cylinder, diesel-engined Kia Bongo trucks appeared on the market in Korea. Originally available as a RV or a pick-up truck, the Kia Bongo Frontier was replaced by Kia Bongo 3 in 2004. New and Used Kia Belta in Yangon, and Mandalay are one of the most listed cars on website and app.

Kia Pregio

A minivan based on the design of Kia Bongo-3, the Pregio is a RWD utility vehicle, currently becoming known among commercial drivers as one of the alternatives to the Mazda Bongo or the Suzuki Carry. Compared to other brands and models, newer models of the Pregio are widely available in Myanmar, and they come in much more colorful variety. A used Pregio in Myanmar can be purchased for 100L Kyats to 130L Kyats. The older models from the 2005 go for around 100L Kyats while the newer models from the 2010s can fetch up to 130L Kyats.

Kia Sportage

The Kia sportage, as its name suggests, is a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Currently in its third generation, Sportage first came into production in 1993. The Sportage became immensely popular upon its introduction to the international market due to its fuel economy that does not compromise on power..

Kia Morning

Kia Morning recently became popular among Myanmar urban dwellers, as the perfect city car with excellent fuel-efficiency, low running costs, sleek design and a low price tag. Kia Morning is manufactured exclusively at a joint-venture plant with Donghee in Seosan, South Korea, and reaches Myanmar through the exclusive imports through the Kia Showroom and Service Center.

The following is the extensive list of all the Kia models currently being listed on Motors Myanmar website and app:

Kia Features in Myanmar Used Car Market

Within the Myanmar car market, Kia proudly imported and sold Kia K5/ Optima in a wide range of engine sizes, from 1700 cc to 2400 cc. The model year of Kia cars reaching Myanmar usually starts from 2011 to current. The saloon has four doors with a small cargo room at the rear. The K5 is very stylish, with an elegant appearance. It is a luxury car, comprises of high features such as the air conditioning system, entertainment package, speakers and leather seats. The car cost only around 1500 L Kyats, but is reducing in price due to car market in Myanmar. Generally, newer models cost more than the used or old ones.

Kia: Accessories in Myanmar car market in Yangon

Kia’s after-market parts and accessories are easily available at car showrooms in Yangon or Mandalay and can be imported directly from Japan. Kias available in Myanmar already come with the following various after-market gadgets pre-installed in them:



Kia: Entertainment Features in Yangon Car Market

As with the luxury accessories mentioned above, Kia in Myanmar also comes with a range of entertainment systems, such as the following:

  • LCD TV display
  • Radio and casette Players
  • Surround-sound Stereo Systems
  • DVD players



Kia: Safety Features in Myanmar Used Car Market

Kia is truly ahead of the game in terms of its safety features with the following state-of-the-art technologies:

  • automatic windshield wipers that detect the rain automatically
  • advanced brake control with ABS system
  • automatic anti-glare rearview mirror
  • multi-operation touch pan




Kia Best Offers in Myanmar

For SUV lovers in Myanmar, Kia also introduced the Sorento with the price range of 1500L Kyats. It also has an elegant, stylish and gentle appearance, suitable for businessmen. The 2400 cc and 3500 cc are the smallest and biggest engine size in liter unit. Only the 2400 cc engine for the Kia Sorento has entered Myanmar. They are four wheeled cars, consuming fuel faster than saloons. The Kia Sorento is a luxury SUV, competing with similar models from Toyota and Lexus's high end line of vehicles.


Kia Price in Myanmar Car Market

The price of Kia cars in Myanmar car market can range from the cheapest at 20L Kyats for Kia Wish 2003 to the most expensive at 2000L Kyats for Kia Land Cruiser 2014.

Kia Price in top Myanmar cities

The price of Kia can vary significantly, depending on whether one is looking to buy in Yangon or in the upper regions such as Mandalay or the Shan cities, like Taunggyi. Below is a brief summary of the prices of the latest Kia models:


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