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Black Lexus RX 350 2017 for sale. The comfort features include A/C: Front,A/C: Rear,TV,Navigation System,Power Locks,Power Steering,Push Start. The safety features include Airbag: Driver,Airbag:...

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Lexus RX 350 for sale in Myanmar

The RX 350 is a luxury crossover SUV that is considered mid-size in the Myanmar car market. This Sports Utility Vehicle has been in production from Lexus Motors, a division of luxury cars from Toyota Motors Co., since 1998.  Since its introduction, the RX 350 has been widely popular and has been enjoying the status as the best-selling luxury SUV in the USA. Likewise, sales of Lexus RX 350 units are successful in Myanmar with the used and pre-ordered vehicles entering from the Japanese auctions and from foreign imports.

Lexus RX 350: Review

Lexus RX 350: Performance and Engine Specification

The Lexus RX 350 comes with a power V6 engine of 3500 cc that can produce 245 hp at 6000 rpm. With an added inverter, total boosted power would be 297 hp while the electric motors even give an additional 22hp. In the hybrid-electric version of the RX-350, maximum of three electric motors are employed: the forward wheels use the dual motors and the rear wheels feature a third motor in the All Wheel Drive models. 

Lexus RX 350: Design and Features

By the end of 2010, RX-350 saw some design upgrades, which eventually came into production in 2012 with new grilles, tail and head lamps, new LED running lights, new wheels and not to mention, new colors. With 8-speed Automatic transmission, stylish, honeycomb grille and an eccentric sporty interior, the F Sport RX 350 was also introduced in July 2012. RX 350 has won several awards for its effortless design and safety features in 2013 and 2014. The RX-350 also has been awarded the Top Safety Pick vehicle by Insurance Institute for HIghway Safety or IIIHS in the United States, and five star safety rating by US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) based on its crash test results. 


Price of Lexus RX 350 in Myanmar

Although there is no official showroom to purchase the RX-350 in Myanmar as Lexus does not assemble or market this model, reconditioned RX-350 vehicles can be easily purchased from auctions and brokers. One can obtain a used RX-350 unit for prices ranging from 900 Lk Kyats to 1200 Lk Kyats from based on its year, mileage and general condition.