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Red Mitsubishi Evolution 1995 for sale. The comfort features include A/C: Front,A/C: Rear. The safety features include Airbag: Driver,Airbag: Passenger. The windows are Power Windows.The sound s...

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White Mitsubishi Evolution 2002 for sale. The comfort features include A/C: Front,A/C: Rear,TV. The safety features include Airbag: Driver,Airbag: Passenger. The windows are Power Windows.The so...

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Mitsubishi for sale

Mitsubishi for sale in Myanmar 

Mitsubishi Motors Co. is a Japanese multinational vehicle manufacturer with its corporate headquarters in the Minato district in Tokyo. Mitsubishi Motors is in fact part of the Mitsubishi conglomerate which owns chemical plants, shipping companies, mining projects, insurance companies and nuclear power plants among other ventures. Mitsubishi is one of the oldest industrial empires to come out of Japan with the origins of its first commercial holdings dating back to 1870s during the reign of Emperor Meiji. Mitsubishi Motors Co. itself was a spin-off of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which produced tanks, trucks and aircrafts among other things for the Imperial Japanese Forces during the Second World War. Japan’s first assembly line produced car, the Series A, was also produced by Mitsubishi and was introduced to the public in 1917.

Reasons to buy Mitsubishi 

Mitsubishi, next to Honda and Toyota, is one of Myanmar’s most popular car makes. The Pajero SUV is the obvious favorite among the people of Myanmar, and almost everyone knows the name "Pajero" at the tip of the tongue. There are still 1980s models of the Pajero on Myanmar’s roads and streets, boasting the SUV's long-standing reliability. Mostly noted in Myanmar for their strong and sturdy SUVs, Mitsubishi's powerful, agile and high-performing vehicles are renowned for their spaciousness and stunning design. Before the Auto Import restrictions were lifted in Myanmar, a Mitsubishi Pajero would cost more than 5000L Kyats before 2004. Nowadays, competition in the market share from other automobile manufacturers has caused the Pajero to lose some of its appeal, but it is still upholding its history of goodwill among Myanmar customers.

Performance & technology of Honda 

Mitsubishi branched out from aircraft manufacturing to automobile production after the second world war and as such had a head-start on the technology compared to its competitors when it entered the business. Mitsubishi was one of the first companies to use a completely die-cast aluminum engine in order to reduce weight and gain fuel efficiency. New Mitsubishi vehicles are coming equipped with six speed automatic transmission which shifts seamlessly between manual and automatic without having the need to stop the vehicle. Mitsubishi is also one of the very few companies to introduce dusk sensors in its vehicles which automatically switches on and switches offs tail lights with the change in ambient brightness.

Mitsubishi launched the i-MiEV, the all-electric Kei car featuring one battery pack attached to the floorboard in 2009. The company has also released two electric vehicles under the MiEV program: the i-MiEV and the Minicab-MiEV. In Japan, the company has also developed Kei cars, a series of light vehicles. Mitsubishi is also an established name in the car racing scene since it first actively participated in Motorsport in the 1960s. The brand is considered the best car producer at the Dakar Rally and has an unrivaled record of twelve wins, seven of which were consecutive victories.

Popular models

Mitsubishi Pajero

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a full-size sports utility vehicle (SUV). Known as a luxury car model, the Pajero is often seen as a ride for the rich since it was first released in 1982. Pajero has always had a reputation for being one of the best off-road SUVs on the market. Since it first debuted at the Paris Dakar Rally, it has been dubbed the most successful vehicle in the competition. This helped the Pajero establish a strong sales performance, especially during the 1990s. In middle and east Myanmar, such as Mandalay and Shan State, the Pajero remains a popular pick.

Mitsubishi RVR

Launched as a compact MPV in 1991, the RVR was suspended in 2002 after two generations. Then in 2010, the RVR was re-launched as in its third generation. However this time, it was a compact crossover SUV rather than a compact MPV. The Mitsubishi RVR has been marketed with different nameplates including Mitsubishi Space Runner, Mitsubishi Expo, Dodge Colt Wagon, Mitsubishi ASX and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. As the company has not yet officially started its operations in this region, it is not offering Mitsubishi RVR for sale in Myanmar. However, the vehicle can be easily found in used condition. Second-hand Mitsubishi RVRs can be found on the Carmudi website for prices ranging from 230L Kyats to 365L Kyats.

Mitsubishi Canter

Light-duty commercial truck introduced since 1985, the Mitsubishi Canter is widely used in Myanmar for various construction projects. Most vehicles can stand up to 16 feet tall. The Canter seats 2-3 people in the front with space for cargo at the back. Only available as diesel engine in manual transmission, the Canter is a reliable favorite for construction transport since 1997 up to the 2005 and 2006 models.

Mitsubishi Colt

The Colt is a city car manufactured since 1962. Primarily intended for use in urban areas and city landscapes, Mitsubishi Colt is also known as a Keijidosha vehicle or a Kei car. It is a special car which conforms to the environmental standards set up by the Japanese market. Mitsubishi decided to name their version as Colt for the Myanmar market however in many other export markets it is also known as Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi Captive and Mitsubishi CZ3. The initial production started in 1960 and was discontinued for many markets in 2012 when Mitsubishi decided to replace the entire line with Mitsubishi Mirage. A comprehensive collection of Mitsubishi Colts for sale in Myanmar can be found at Carmudi for prices ranging from 70L Kyats to 145L Kyats.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Aside from the most well-known models above, the Mitsubishi Lancer is also becoming more present on the streets of Myanmar due to the influx of newer models. Many of them were brought over from the Japanese auction market. The Lancer continues to demand high prices. A 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer can still cost up to 300L Kyats. Being a sporty Mitsubishi model comparable to that of Mazda RX-8, the Lancer is popular among the young crowd. Mitsubishi heavy duty trucks and construction vehicles are also popular for Myanmar audience, who needs industrial vehicles. The majority of the trucks are purchased from the Thai border. A heavy duty Mitsubishi truck can cost up to 1500L Kyats.

Mitsubishi Minicab

The Mitsubishi Minicab is a kei van and truck, starting 1966. Since 2011, the electric version of the minicab, MiEV is being produced. The Minicabs available in Myanmar come as both the mini truck and micro van body configurations. There has been 6 generations of Mitsubishi Minicabs so far and the most widely seen versions in Myanmar are from the fifth or sixth generations. Used mainly as commercial vehicles, taxicabs, or as a go-to car for large families, Mitsubishi Minicab provides its customers with a well-run, spacious van for a low price.

Availability of Mitsubishi in Myanmar

In recent years, Mitsubishi has even opened Showrooms and Service Centers to support its expanding market share in Myanmar.

Overall Impression 

Mitsubishi started out as a shipping company founded by Yataro Iwasaki in 1870. By 1917, Mitsubishi ventured into making automotive products by introducing the Mitsubishi Model A, a seven seater sedan. The name Mitsubishi comes from the words "Mitsu" (three in Japanese) and "hishi" (meaning water chestnut, or diamond shape) referencing the well-known logo.