Lks 170 Negotiable

Yangon City

  • 80,000 Km

Orange Nissan Fairlady 2003 for sale. The comfort features include A/C: Front,TV. The safety features include Airbag: Driver,Airbag: Passenger. The sound system includes Cassette Radio. The pric...

Lks 165 Negotiable

Yangon City

  • 83,000 Km

Black Nissan Fairlady 2002 for sale. The comfort features include A/C: Front,TV. The safety features include Airbag: Driver,Airbag: Passenger. The sound system includes Cassette Radio,CD Player,...

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Nissan Fairlady for sale in Myanmar

Nissan Fairlady for sale in Myanmar | Nissan Fairlady car price

Nissan Fairlady cars in Myanmar Market: Review

Fairlady is a fairly classical sports car model introduced by the Nissan Motor Co. in Japan in 1959. Its body type is classified as a roadster. A roadster is a two-seater convertible car which is slightly smaller than the regular 4-door models. Traditionally this body type focuses more on aesthetics and pleasure than on practicality.

Nissan introduced this model in the 1959 Osaka motor show. The first generation Fairlady was discontinued in 1965 while the second generation model made its debut in 1965 at the Tokyo motor show. In 1970 the production was altogether discontinued and Nissan stopped manufacturing the Fairlady. It sold the design to Datsun which manufactured it for some time and then passed on the design to Daihatsu where it became the basis of Daihatsu Copen another very popular Japanese roadster car.

Nissan Fairlady: Performance and Engine Specifications

In general all Nissan Fairlady versions have following specifications in common:

  • Fairlady vehicles fabricated for the Japanese market came with a 1000 cc engine but later models and export models came in 1.3L models as well.
  • Most of the models were only available as 2-door convertibles.
  • It has a front engine, and a front wheel drive
  • Only manual transmission 4+1 speed versions are available
  • Due to its small size and light mass it is only available only in Petrol engine models

Nissan Fairlady: Design

The Nissan Fairlady has a very easy on the eye design. It looks and feels a lot like the Aston Martin cars used in the James Bond movies or the Alpha Romeo cars used in the Italian movies in the 60s and the 70s. In fact Fairlady gave a tough competition to the European roadster luxury manufacturers of the 1960s and the 1970s such as Fiat and Rolls Royce which fabricate the Alpha Romeo and the Aston Martin respectively. It is the first Japanese roadster ever imported inside the USA.

Nissan Fairlady: Standout Features

The outer body parts of Nissan Fairlady is fabricated with resin and carbon fiber. This new design called the L-frame allows the owners to customize the exterior and interior designs of their Fairlady separately. The designers of Nissan Fairlady have fitted it with a special exhaust pipe in order to deliver a sports car driving experience. The tailpipe is dual and the muffler is designed to resonate with a typical sports car frequency to give the impression of a sports car sound.

Nissan Fairlady: Price in Myanmar

Fairlady is a relatively classical product launched by the Nissan Motor Co. and therefore it contains all the luxury features available in the luxury cars such as leather seatings and lush interiors. It is available in the usual Black and White colors as well as in many metallic colors such as blue and gray. Being a classical car on the Myanmar market, the Fairlady found on the market have not retained their original colors and parts. Their price ranges from LKS 170 to LKS 190 depending on the condition and mileage.

Nissan Fairlady: Overview

The Nissan Fairlady has an impressive design and provides a sports car experience complete with the double exhaust sound and a convertible roof. Also it is one of the most fuel effient car in the local market with only 25 km a liter. The Fairlady has no competitors in its segment.