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Kenbo Motorcycle for sale in Myanmar | Kenbo Motorcycle price in Myanmar

New and Used Motorcycles for sale in Myanmar Market

Buying a motorcycle: Myanmar Motor Market Review

Buying a motorbike in Myanmar can be a very different experience in Yangon, where motorcycle ownership is limited, from buying a motorcycle in Mandalay, or Kayin. The freedom to use motorcycles in the upper and lower regions of Myamar have led to the significant differences in the motorcycle market landscape throughout the country.

Motorcycles in Myanmar Used Motor Market: Performance and Engine Specifications

Throughout the years, new motorcycle showrooms and official brand dealers have been established in Mandalay and Taunggyi. As most of the models available in Myanmar are imports from the Chinese, Thai and Japanese markets, imported motorcycles understandably play a big role in the local market. In general, motorcycles on the Myanmar streets have the following specificiations:

  • 4-stroke OHC air-cooled engine
  • Availability in both Diesel and Petrol versions
  • 50 cc to 110 cc engines
  • Automatic-Transmission with V-belt gear shift pattern




Popular motorcycle Brands and Models in Myanmar Motor Market

In terms of popularity, no other brands could compete with Honda in Myanmar. In the mountainous areas, such as the Shan state, high-performance motorcycles such as Yamaha are also chosen by families and motorcycle enthusiasts. Due to the terrain type, off-road motorbikes are essential in such regions. Kenbo motorcycles are also well-known in the local Myanmar motor market for its cheap prices.

Motorcycle Features in Myanmar Used Motor Market

Within the Myanmar motorcycle market, the most desired feature for a motorcycle is its utility and light-weight. Convenient fuel-tank capacity and stable pillion steps for rear passengers are highly sought-after. Add trendy oval headlights, iconic meter panels with easy-to-read gauges and a stylish gem-styled tail lights, and we get a motorcycle that Myanmar customers naturally love.

Motorcycle Accessories in Myanmar market

After-market parts and accessories are easily available at motorcycle showrooms in Mandalay and can be imported directly from Thai, China or Japan.

Motorcycle Best Offers in Myanmar



Price in Myanmar motorcycle Market

The price of motorcycles in Myanmar motorcycle market can range from the cheapest at 2L Kyats to the most expensive at 20L Kyats.

Motorcycle Price in top Myanmar cities

The price of can vary significantly, depending on whether one is looking to buy in Yangon or in the upper regions such as Mandalay or the Shan cities, like Taunggyi. Below is a brief summary of the prices of the latest models:



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Buying a motorcycle online in Myanmar

With the internet revolution in the recent years, customers in Myanmar have taken great interest in buying and selling things online, which is shaping the country's e-commerce culture. Buying a motorized vehicle is somehow considered too complicated a process to take online. However, with strong infrastructures, abundant quality listings, and superior customer service, is paving the way to a prolific online motorcycle market in Myanmar. 

Below you can find the most popular models based on the current listing on

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